mercredi 14 novembre 2007

When I started to watch the TV show called The O.C, I had some problems to understand the meaning of the words. So, I decided to put the English subtitles on for to help me to understand the story. Sometimes, I was rewinding in order to listen carefully for the english expressions that was said. By watching that program, I learned new expressions, new wordings and also the right pronunciation of words. I would certainly recommend that show because it’s with the teenager’s life and there are different plots in each episode. At the beginning, it was very difficult to catch every word but the more I was listening to it the better understood.

The Secret

Chosen Character : Ryan Atwood

This morning, I made my friend laughed because he seems sick. So I suggested to Seth to confront Anna and Summer. Then after, I went to school and I must to do a report with my friend Luke at his home. I think that Luke has a pretty nice family. Luke has the whole project planned out and says that can put some material on film but they will have to go to his dads work to do it. Back at Carson’s work we are surprised to walk in on him and another man kissing. The next morning I tell Marissa what happened the night before but I decided not to tell Summer or Seth. At school, Luke tells me that he will finish the project on his own. At school the next morning, everyone knows about Luke’s dad being gay and he thought that I told everyone and I thought That Marissa told everyone. That night I talked with Luke and Marissa about the situation with Luke’s dad. The next day, my friends and I bravely walk to school to face another day in the O.C.

mercredi 19 septembre 2007

The Badboy

Ryan Atwood was a troubled teen who found himself in even more trouble when his older brother, Trey, dragged him into participating in a car. The boys didn't go far with the car as they crashed it and were arrested. Trey was sentenced to three years in prison, but Ryan, who was under eighteen years of age, was set free under the supervision of public defender, Sandy Cohen. After Ryan was thrown out by his mother, he found himself with nowhere to turn. He decided to call Sandy and he took Ryan in and out of his home in Newport Beach, California. Ryan meet Marissa Cooper, the beautiful girl next door and she invited him to the charity fashion show for the following night.

The next morning, Ryan met Seth, the Cohen’s son and he was intrigued by Seth and his life. The fashion show went on without a hitch. Summer, Marissa's best friend invited the boys to an after-party. At the party Luke, Marissa’s boyfriend, and other popular boys decided to harass Seth but Ryan came to his rescue and took him home. Kirsten, Sandy’s wife, was furious that Seth was out all night, drunk and in a fight. She blamed Ryan and she insisted that he leave the house.

Ryan went back to his house to find that he was deserted by his mother and step-father. Sandy realized that Ryan wouldn't be staying there. So he took him home and back to Newport Beach.

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

The O.C.

I chose this TV program called “The O.C.” because my friend watches it every week and she tells me you should see this program, it’s super. I hope to learn from it new expressions, new words and to develop an interest to watch the television a little bit more in English. In this TV program, Ryan Atwood a boy of 17 years old comes from a poor family living in the city of Chino in California State. His father is in jail, his mother is an alcoholic and his brother is in jail too because he was convicted of a stolen car. One day Ryan makes a huge mistake and Sandy Cohen is designated to help him as a lawyer. Later, he decides with his wife Kristen Cohen to adopt the young man. When Ryan arrives at Newport Beach, he doesn’t know what to expect from his new family. With the new friend Seth Cohen’s son, he discovers new friendship with his beautiful next door neighbor, Marissa. The major conflict in the story is the new life and family of Ryan and the relation with Marissa.

jeudi 30 août 2007